This is what a fat girl looks like when she is feelin’ herself. Fat girl plays the role of “girl you want to date.”

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We’re loving the gridlock trend at Simply Be


Good morning my loves

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Power Color

slugbaby asked:
How do you submit more than one photo at a time? It's probably something simple I'm missing, isn't it?

You can either submit them as a group, they will be put into some sort of collage orrrrr you can do them one at a time.. 


Tank top: Primark
Legging: Primark
Kimono: TKMaxx
Boots: Boohoo
Necklace: Ebay
Earring: C&A
Bag: Accessorize


NEW on the Blog : Fall Outfit

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How to Style a Black Dress - with top blogger babes daniellevanier and fromthecornersofthecurve

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